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At Grace Covenant Church International, we want to introduce you to Grace Himself. His name is Jesus and He cares for you. We believe when the love of God is revealed through the power of Grace and Faith; your life will never be the same. When believers gather to lift up the name of Jesus; His anointing breaks yokes, healing takes place, burdens are lifted, restoration manifests, freedom is released, kingdom relationships are built and much more! We invite you home today. Where GRACE is all sufficient, LOVE is everlasting, FAITH is overcoming and FAVOR is in abundance.



Our mission is to manifest the Kingdom of God in miracles, signs and wonders; Giving ALL glory to God. 


We are a MULTIGENERATIONAL worship community breaking down denominations, religion, traditionalism, racial and social walls. We are to create an atmosphere that is conducive for the presence of God, not just to visit but to dwell. 
Where the evidence of GRACE through FAITH is at work: salvation, freedom, healing, deliverance, and prosperity. We demonstrate the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the power 
of the Holy Spirit. We preach and teach the word, building up faith in the believer and non-believer alike; thereby empowering them for the work of the kingdom to live prosperous lives. Our goals are to strengthen the family unit and compel the lost to come to Christ. Through powerful, local and global evangelism and by the kingdom assignment; we will empower the body of Christ to live
in the authority and dominion that God has given us. We call those things that be not as if they were.
We will, with the Holy Spirit,
SUPERNATURALLY publish the name
and greater works of JESUS.

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